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It is this kind of wonderful time it is almost impossible to publish this review. Our enormous dillydallying is because of the truth that The Wrestler is just a very bleak movie. The movie center on Randy ‘The Memory’ Robinson Mickey Rourke an old broken-down wrestler who is well beyond his glory days, but does not learn how to be other things. Despite the punishment to his aging body, he continues to wear the spandex and implement the free falling Ram Jam for his ever dwindling audience. Whenever a life threatening heart condition endangers his wrestling career, he’s left attempting to find out what to do with the remainder of his life. He seeks peace in his stripper crush Cassidy a rocking’ bodied Marisa Tomei and attempts to fix the partnership with his estranged daughter Stephanie Evan Rachel Wood.

He begins to slowly carve a living for herself out by obtaining a deli counter work, happening a semi date with Cassidy and having a sore day with his daughter. Things appear to be coming together for Randy until he’s a run in with a customer that directs him back to his self destructive ways. Like hill rolling down, his confidence driven destruction rapidly destroys all the unprecedented trust in his life. He desperately wants and must do the best thing, but cannot withstand the pain of life inside the real life. There is an unpleasant undercurrent of hate that definitely requires a cost although this movie is beautifully executed. Even if things are going for Randy, there is always the sense that it is not going to last for long, despite his best intentions. Mickey Rourke provides Randy alive within the heart breaking and most stunning method.

The film uses his personality around documentary design, he’s required to transport the movie’s dramatic weight and does so wonderfully with his daring, spirit bearing performance.  His weathered face uncomfortable light-years from the attractive Steve of 9 1/2 Days emanate the torment caused by years of wrestling surplus. The grainy, documentaries style cinematography and simplistic landscape put in a tremendous range towards the film and highlight the haunting performances of those wounded characters. Creating a successful Interpretive Symbol places a good deal of extra obligation to the artist although the creative possibilities are limitless. As with all commissioned art, the client or consumer have to be pleased with the picture, therefore the meaning performed from the artist should meet their standards. Compared to that end the artist will need to have at least some acquaintance with their character and the subject.